“I loved to read when I was a kid, and as soon as I realized that an actual person got to make up the books I loved so muchI decided that that was the job for me.”

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Scientist, Author, Creator” – Eve Daniels

About the Author . . . 

Eve is a biomedical researcher, children’s author, and advocate of early childhood education and lifelong learning.  By encouraging curiosity, inspiring engagement, and empowering learning in children as well as adults we can all help to create a better tomorrow today. 



Eve has been writing since childhood, and independently published her first children’s book in 2018.  Originally from South Florida, Eve now lives and works in Sweden as a Biomedical Scientist, but still makes time for creating new children’s stories, other fiction works, and supplemental materials in between performing experiments and writing lab reports.


Eve also works to improve scientific literacy by helping researchers share the science behind their work through effective #SciComm strategies.  For more on that checkout Science+ here at TNN.



Inspire, Encourage, Empower, Engage

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