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Avengers Endgame: End of an Era  – NO SPOILERS

Avengers Endgame: End of an Era – NO SPOILERS


*Please note, this article was drafted pre-release and has been reviewed after watching to ensure no spoilers accidentally slipped through the gates.

With Avengers Endgame premiering just last week, it seems like 20% of the world’s Nerd population has already flooded through those theater doors, while the remaining 80% are huddled nervously in the corners, desperate to avoid spoilers.  

With that in mind, I still wanted to address the 400 meg ton white elephant looming awkwardly in the corner of the room.  With initially positive reviews, few are left in doubt that this final avengers movie will be a hit.  The question still remains, however- 

What now?

The Avengers Saga and Phase 3 officially coming to an end, it can be an apprehensive time for much of the nerd community.  We have been lucky enough to enjoy nearly ten years of one incredible blockbuster hit after another.  Starting way back in the dregs of history with the very first Iron Man movie, few of us could have predicted the epic saga, spanning across multiple comic books and dozens of story arcs that would continue to unfold for the next decade.  So the key question remains when the dust has finally settled… what will be left?

Things are shifting in the corporate world.  Marvel’s relationship with Disney is making for some awkward conversations with their ex over at Netflix.  With the Netflix spin-off series wrapped up (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron First, Daredevil, The Defenders), Phase 4 includes hints at multiple series spin-offs.   

Beyond the small screen binge-ables, most of us are left craving the next mega-hit blockbuster.  And so the question remains – What is left?  Or really… Who is Left? 

Most already know that certain of our favorite core heroes’ contracts are up, though how they leave us will be a mystery.  While other more recent additions have time left on the block, and new heroes seem to sprout from every corner.  But what happens in Endgame will define our remaining heroes worlds, and, in turn, our worlds, moving forwards.

However Endgame unfolds, things are going to change for us nerds.  Marvel and Disney have thus far gone above and beyond in caring for our fragile little community.  We can only hope that the trust we have put into their creative hands for the last ten years will not be shattered as we move into Phase 4, but instead be rewarded.  

Now, some sound advice for an optimal Endgame Experience.

Top Tips:

  • If you have not seen Infinity Wars in the last few months, a re-watch is HIGHLY recommended.  We are talking about a movie that will wrap up a decade of nerdy legacy- it’s a lot to keep track of
  • If you ABSOLUTELY don’t want kids in the theater, I know for some it can be an experience killing distraction, it will not matter what time you go.  They will be there.  Find a 21+ premier theater near you to ensure avoidance of all tiny minions.
  • Some Hardcore Fans have committed to a total series re-watch.  While I applaud the initiative and encourage social re-watching, not all of us have the option.  Movies you SHOULD try to revisit if possible are probably the last half dozen or so that were released; Infinity Wars (duh), Captain Marvel, Ant-Man & The Wasp, Thor 3, Guardians 2, and Black Panther.
  • Do NOT be tempted to buy salty snacks and mega gulp sized beverages.  This is a 3 and a half hour movie.  Regardless of how big you think your bladder is, it CANNOT handle the 32 ounces of cherry freeze you are about to pound down.

Enjoy your movie-going experience responsibly and, remember- 

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