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Distance Learning leaves vulnerable students behind…

Distance Learning leaves vulnerable students behind…

Advanced students whose learning has now slowed down to accommodate transitioning to the new format.

Students learning practical skill sets – sciences, engineering, food safety.

Children in lower-income brackets with a limited internet connection or only one available computer for a multiple children household.

Children who are reliant on state funding to provide hot lunch, often the only full meal these children receive.

Children with learning difficulties incompatible with computer learning – vision impairments, dyslexia, ADHD, etc.

Special needs students who rely on school for structure, socialization, physical therapy, wellness checks, life skills, and so much more.

I am just a nanny. I have no solutions for these students or their families. But the problems that they will face in the coming months and even years are something that we cannot simply overlook.

For years we have relied upon the educational system as a crutch, providing key social service simply because we refuse to grant them the funding needed to operate any other way. Now with those avenues closed, the lack of social support and infrastructure will be laid bare, and it is our children who will pay the price for our greed.

If you have any information regarding potential resources, support groups, or auxiliary organizations who may be able to provide assistance to any of the individuals mentioned above or others who may be similarly affected, please please PLEASE comment them below either here on The Nerdy Nanny or on our Facebook page. I will be verifying and forwarding any and all valid information for resources or support groups that we receive.

Our kids deserve that much at least.

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