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Ringing in 2020 with a Bang

Ringing in 2020 with a Bang

As 2020 looms just around the corner, it is hard not to get excited. We Millennials, as a generation, have decided that the Roaring ’20s are going to be EPIC.

Every holiday in 2020 has lined up in the best way possible, Great Gatsby style New Years’ Eve Gala’s, opulence in every shape and form, and the knowledge that 2020 will be the beginning of the decade in which we change the world.

So take 2020 by the reigns, prepare to conquer, and get ready to ring in the New Year!

Set Yourself up for Success

Every year, the boundless positive energy of the New Year quickly meets the reality of our every day lives. To help the positive energy survive in the harsh light of day, take steps to let yourself success.

Do the laundry, clean the kitchen, take care of the grocery shopping, prepare a meal for the next day, take out the trash and recycling and, depending on how seriously you intend to enjoy the celebrations the night before, maybe leave the bottle of aspirin out for yourself the next morning.

But seriously, if there is something on your Resolutions list (eat better, spend more time with friends, read more) then set yourself up for it before the new year has even begun. Ditch the junk food, make lunch dates, or scheduled game nights ahead of time, pick up a couple of books from your local library. Many people make the mistake of treating the New Year as a start point.

But the best plans require preparation. Start Now.

Celebrate Safely

The Roaring 20’s are meant to be celebrated in absolute opulence. Full Tuxedo’s and low cut sparkling dresses. Glass after glass of sparkling champagne, top-shelf whiskey, or classic Gin Rickey’s.

And, most importantly of all, a chauffeur in an elegant top hat… or just your local Uber or Lyft driver, most of which, along with public transportation, provide ‘RIDE SMART’ discounts on New Years’ Eve to help reduce incidents of altered driving and preventable deaths.

In all seriousness, this is supposed to be an incredible decade. Don’t start it off being responsible for a tragedy.

Gatsby Confidence

Jay Gatsby was a man who made his fortune bootlegging illegal liquor during the prohibition and then proceeded to spend his time mingling with high society through and throwing lavish, opulent, weekend-long parties. He schmoozed his way into the upper crusts of society through sheer force of will, confidence, and gumption despite the fact that he was spending well beyond his means. He was a problematic figure, to be sure, and shares more in common with a certain president than I am entirely comfortable with.

But the reason the figure of Jay Gatsby has continued to resonate for all these years was his charisma. The legendary figure that was Jay Gatsby made things happen purely through the lethal combination, of charm, confidence, and a killer poker face. He was the living embodiment of –

‘Fake it ’till you Make it.

Millennials are a generation who, much like Jay Gatsby, entered the world on a shaky foot. In the middle of international conflict, on the tail end of a burst tech bubble and just stepping into adulthood amidst a Global Recession. As all that was brought to a head, media and news networks took turns painting millennials as lazy and self-indulgent children overpaying for avocado toast and cold brew. And despite the fact that the youngest of millennials will soon turn thirty and the oldest of us are approaching forty, somehow that impression of us as ‘children’ who don’t know what we are doing in the world has remained. For far too long we have believed the articles condemning us as lazy or lacking in common sense. But the time for letting others define our limits is over.

This goes for more than just Millenials. Tuesday marks the end of not just a year, but a decade. The chance to usher in a new era. And we might be faking our way forwards for now, but we won’t be for long.

Happy New Years Everyone

Welcome to 2020

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