The Nerdy Nanny is Moving!

Big changes are in the works for TNN, but what do we mean when we say that the Nerdy Nanny is moving? For years Eve Daniels, author of The Nerdy Nanny Books and, in point of fact, The Nerdy Nanny herself, has been living, working, writing, and publishing kids’ books in South Florida. She has spent the last two years, […]

What NOT to do When the World Re-Opens

As more and more businesses join those that are reopening to the public, it is exciting to find our options for entertainment, shopping, and food opening up to us again. Almost like… Cue the cheesy Disney montage… We can visit our favorite hole in the wall local restaurants, mom and pop small businesses, and outdoor parks and nature preserves for […]

What to Do When the World Re-Opens

In case you have somehow managed to miss the news bulletin, various states and counties, including my own, have begun the process of a ‘soft open’.  While this is great for small business owners and individuals who desperately need to get back to work (particularly in Florida where our unemployment system has completely and utterly crashed), it does obviously bring […]

The End of Quarantine?

Phase 1 Soft-Open When the Phase 1 reopening was announced there was a lot of initial confusion due in no small part to sloppy reporting.  The Palm Beach Post claimed that essentially all services would be opened while other news outlets gave considerably more conservative predictions.  Now it looks as though Broward and Miami Dade will be not far behind.  […]

Balancing Mental Health, Productivity, and Self Care

Over the past several weeks, learning to balance productivity and keeping busy against mental health and practicing self-care has been more vital than ever. While productivity and staying busy are sometimes a necessary part of this, it is also important to recognize that there will be times when we just need the time and space to not be okay.

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