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The Nerdy Nanny is Moving!

The Nerdy Nanny is Moving!

Big changes are in the works for TNN, but what do we mean when we say that the Nerdy Nanny is moving?

For years Eve Daniels, author of The Nerdy Nanny Books and, in point of fact, The Nerdy Nanny herself, has been living, working, writing, and publishing kids’ books in South Florida. She has spent the last two years, in particular, working closely with the Palm Beach Literacy Coalition and going to events (when events were still a thing people did) right here in Palm Beach County.

But all that is about to change.

The Nerdy Nanny author and figure head will be relocating from sunny south Florida to… Sweden?

For those who do not know from previous posts or the ‘Nordic Language’ book series, Eve is part Swedish and thereby a Swedish citizen. Which means that, as with all Swedish citizens, she has the opportunity to attend higher education in Sweden – absolutely free of cost to herself.

We are incredibly proud to say that our Nerdy Nanny will be getting even Nerdier as Eve has been admitted into the Master’s Program at Linkoping University for Experimental and Medical Bio-science (Biomedical Research in the US). Over the next two years, Eve will be working towards completing a graduate degree which will allow her to work in labs or research and development anywhere in the world.

Yes, The Nerdy Nanny is about to become a Super Geek.

While these changes will not affect any immediate publication plans or live events (all current events in Florida are suspended due to COVID), it does mean that all anticipated events and releases for 2021 will be put on hold. Content will still be coming to and also to Eve’s author/study channel on YouTube, though possibly at a lower rate over.

You can expect periodic glimpses into Swedish life, study information, and a full breakdown of what it means to be moving halfway across the world in the middle of a pandemic both here on TNN and on YouTube.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Where is Eve going?

Eve will be moving central Sweden to attend Linkoping University in Southern Sweden. She will be living off-campus a few towns over in her fathers’ home town of Motala. You may have seen references to both Motala and Linkoping in previous posts as this is where most of her Swedish Family currently lives.

2. How long will Eve be gone?

The graduate program at Linkoping University takes two years. However there may be additional internships or study related research programs that Eve may be involved in for another 1-2 years depending on the projected course of her studies and what direction they take her in.

3. Will Eve keep making books while in Sweden?

Although Eve will not be able to publish any new material while she is studying in Sweden, time and history have proven that Eve is never truly able to stop writing. You can likely expect multiple new releases to be available shortly after her graduation and internships.

4. Will Eve be working / offering tutoring / doing virtual author events while in Sweden?

Due to the demanding course-load Eve will not be taking on any new jobs while in Sweden. Virtual tutoring, while still possible for some students and subjects, will be more difficult due to the time difference (+6hrs EST). For example, if you live in Florida and get out of school at 3 pm, that is already 9 o’clock at night in Sweden. Likewise, course load restrictions and the time difference will make Virtual Author Visits more difficult and as such will need to be planned further in advance (minimum 2 weeks).

5. What can we expect from TNN while Eve is gone?

TNN will still be creating weekly content around educational resources, study habits, fun activities, easy kids recipes and more but may now also include recipes from Sweden or insights into new and unique study habits.

Likewise Eve’s YouTube channel, where she primarily posts author related and writing advice, may shift to include more study habits and tip and tricks as well as the occasional insight into Swedish life, Grad School and adapting to an entirely new country.

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for your kind words of support here on TNN, Facebook, and on YouTube. It is really incredible to see how The Nerdy Nanny has touched so many lives in our little corner of South Florida and we hope to be able to bring you the same incredible content you’ve come to know and love over the last few years.

But for now, it is time to say –


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