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A Small but Mighty Birthday Wish

A Small but Mighty Birthday Wish

A little over half a year ago I was lucky enough to finally publish my first children’s book – ‘The Girl and Her Stars’.

It was the result of months of hard work, YEARS of trying to figure out how to make this thing happen, and absolutely endless amounts of love and support from my friends and family.

I love writing, always have.  I love working on kids’ books, perhaps now more so than ever as, working as a nanny, I spend hours each week reading countless bedtime stories.  The creative process, a story dancing through your head, rhymes, and rhythms matching with characters and plot.  Imagining the pictures in your mind, and working with an illustrator to create something more amazing than anything you could have ever dreamed of.  It’s all I ever want to do.

This year I’m lucky enough to be able to spend my birthday in Sweden with family and friends and Midsummer just around the corner.  But, even doubly so, because just last week I was finally able to put my second ever kids book on shelves – ‘Small but Mighty’.  Small but Mighty is currently available online but will be on shelves at Polar Bakery in Lake Worth Florida shortly.

To all my friends and family who’ve been supporting me, I cannot thank you enough.  Your encouraging words have kept me going even when it seemed like all my efforts would grant me as much gain as Sisyphus continuously rolling his rock up the hill.  But I’ve finally figured something out.  I’ve learned that I am strong enough to keep pushing that rock up that hill, so long as I have support in my corner.

If you have a chance today or tomorrow, please go online and leave a review for either ‘The Girl and Her Stars’ or ‘Small but Mighty’.  You can leave reviews on Amazon, Google, or even Facebook.  If you have an account, reviews are also greatly appreciated on GoodReads, or BookBub.

Reviews help in a lot of ways, but the biggest one is to bump books up in the search lists as websites try to accommodate those titles that receive more traffic.  Honest opinions speak the loudest and can help others to find the right book that they are looking for.

It takes two minutes or less to leave a review but means a world of difference to every author, artist, musician, or business owner who receives them.  So please, if you have two minutes to spare, consider leaving a review at one or more of the sites above, or at any other book review site that you think I may have missed!  Your support continues to keep me going and I thank you in advance for all of your aid in helping others find Nerdy Nanny books for their little nerd-lings.

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