(Epi)Genetics – and what Jurassic Park got wrong about the ‘Blueprint for Building a Living Thing’

(Epi)Genetics What Jurassic Park Got Wrong about the ‘BluePrint of a Living Thing’ Mr. DNA Introduces Genomics . . . In the summer of 1993, Steven Spielberg’s classic hit Jurassic Park came to life across the big screen.  With it came a novel connection to science and scientific inquiry for millions across many walks of life, children and adult alike.  […]

Healthy Study Habits for Students

A #Reclaiming2020 Thread School can be a lot for students under the best of circumstances, and this is equally as true for grad students as it is for kindergartners Burnout, Screen Fatigue, and Other Anxieties Mental health, establishing healthy study habits, and knowing how to find an appropriate balance is something we put a lot of focus on her at […]

Free Resources for Students

I have been in Grad School for a grand total of about three months now, studying Experimental and Medical Bioscience here in Sweden. And if I said that the road to get here was a smooth one it would be a bald-faced lie. I struggled as a student for many years in a lot of different areas. Mastering difficult concepts, […]

Outlining Made Simple

As we dive further and further into the school year, and I dive further and further into my first year of grad school, it feels like a good time to review one of the best study methods in the known universe – Outlining. Yeah, I know, not super complicated, and yet somehow so many of us seem to have pushed […]

Goodbye Pomodoro Method- 1:2:1 Study Simply Hack

If you have ever happened to google the terms ‘study’, ‘productivity’, or ‘efficient’ at all in the last several years you may have come across the term ‘Pomodoro Method’. Named after the Italian word for Tomato, this 25 minutes on five minutes off study and productivity technique derives from the use of a tomato-shaped timer and is hailed as the […]

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