An International Thanksgiving

Hello all! For those who are new here, three months ago I moved halfway across the world in the middle of a Pandemic in order to start Grad School in Sweden. And while it has certainly been an adventure, one of the most interesting things that I had not even really expected was in how different the holiday celebrations would […]

Mini Pumpkin Pots Recipe

With the fall season well and truly upon us, and with me missing out on most of my usual Spooktacular celebrations, I thought I would bring us a little Halloween Joy with these mini pumpkin pots! Now I call these pumpkin pots because some years ago I found 4 black oven safe ceramic dishes which, while I think were supposed […]

The Great Gift Debate

“Thirty Six? But last year I had thirty seven!!!” Every Potter-Head on earth will immediately get this reference. But, for those who need a refresher – It is the absolute nightmare of all parents, grandparents, relatives, or even just F.O.P’s (Friends of Parents). To watch a child throw a tantrum for not being given enough gifts, the right gifts, or […]

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