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Clementine Petrova

Clementine Petrova

Prepare to meet the other half of the Nerdy Nanny team.  

Clementine Petrova

The Nerdy Nanny is an independently owned and operated publishing house creating kid’s books meant to engage, inspire, and educate young readers. The books are created by Eve Daniels and Clementine Petrova.  You’ve already met me (I’m Eve – hello!).  Now it is time to meet Clementine.

I spent three years sitting on my backside, accomplishing exactly nothing until this fabulous miraculous thing called ‘the internet’ connected me with someone on the other side of the planet.  Someone brilliant and talented and artistic in all of the ways I am not.  Someone who would create the artwork for the stories I saw dancing around in my brain.

THREE YEARS, of looking for illustrators, giving up, trying to draw, remembering that I have no artistic talent, looking for illustrators again, finding one, losing one, trying to learn how to illustrate myself… honestly, it was an exhausting experience all and all.  I was just about to give up again before finally giving it one last search to find an illustrator.

And here, I give credit, to that marvel of engineering that is the world wide web.  A redundant communications system that allowed me to find, talk to, and work with another young woman half a globe away from me. Someone whom I otherwise never would have communicated.

Clementine Petrova, an amazingly talented artist in multiple mediums, who was working as a full-time freelance illustrator.

Clementine, who has been patient and intuitive and brilliant in bringing to life the stories which, without her, would have been only words.

Clementine, for whom who I know I have caused many sleepless and caffeine-deprived nights as she worked to sketch, color, and polish the beautiful works of art that would decorate the “The Girl and Her Stars”, “Pancakes Aren’t for Puppies’, “Small but MIGHTY”, and hopefully many more to come…

It’s a very difficult thing to trust someone with the story in your head and the task of bringing this thing, which so far only you have seen and only behind closed eyes, to life. To give someone your brain baby and say, please don’t hurt this. But every single step of the way clementine has done nothing but exceed my expectations.

So here’s to you Clementine, and to both of us, for ‘reaching for our stars…’

Follow Clementine on INSTAGRAM  or on FACEBOOK  to see more of her amazing work!  Or reach out to her online to talk about commissioning her for your own projects.

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