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Eve Daniels – Children’s Author

Eve Daniels – Children’s Author

Hello and welcome to The Nerdy Nanny! We would like to take a minute and introduce you to our team…

The Nerdy Nanny is an independently owned and operated publishing house creating kid’s books meant to engage, inspire, and educate young readers. The books are created by Eve Daniels and Clementine Petrova.

Eve Daniels is a baker, babysitter, all around Nerd, and occasional author living and working in South Florida.  With a pirate for a dad, a creative advertising leader for a mom, and her grandpa working at Universal Studios in Orlando, is it really any surprise that Eve grew up with a head full of stories?  

Soon those stories would spill onto paper.  As early as 10 years old Eve was writing multi-chapter stories with fantastical backgrounds about little girls and Greek gods and stars coming to life.  She kept on writing right through high school and even had a few short stories published in the school’s literary journal.  

But, as often happens when we grow up, things changed.  When Eve started college she focused more on school and work, majoring in the sciences, and leaving less and less time to write.  But she never really stopped writing…

The stories kept coming.  Some of them even managing to make it to paper.  But it wasn’t until sitting alone at babysitting, having tucked the girls into bed, that Eve wrote her first children’s story.  She wrote the kind of stories that she thought her girls might like to read, and the kind of stories that she would want to read to them.

That story was ‘The Girl and Her Stars’.

It would take four years, numerous attempts at illustration, trying to draw herself, looking for other people, giving up, trying again, giving up again, and finally giving it one last go before Eve would see the story from inside her head come to life. 

Here’s the thing though.  It may have been her first, but it definitely won’t be her last…

Here’s to many more stories to come.

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