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DYK – NASA’s Media Library is Open and 100% Free

DYK – NASA’s Media Library is Open and 100% Free

Nasa’s entire Media Library is now open to the public, copyright-free

As an avid science nerd, when I heard about NASA’s library being open to the public, I can freely admit that I let out an otherworldly squeal of delight and immediately clicked over to flip through the thousands of images of stellar photography.

My primary scientific interests have always been of a biological nature. But there is something about the masses of swirling galaxies occupying the night sky above our head that has always captured the imagination of young minds.

Now, I should mention that most of NASA’s amazing stellar photographs have already been available to the public, but you had to dig through piles and piles of archived data to find them. What has changed is the copyright rules and, more importantly, the creation of an entirely new searchable website.

NASA’s Media Library

NASA has made over 140,000 images available and easy to search through. You can search for specific constellations or shuttles. You can search for astronauts or stars. You can refine your search to pictures, videos, or even audio files. You can even narrow down the results by year.

NASA has been doing a lot of amazing work staying on top of the social media game, so maybe this new easy to use searchable website shouldn’t come as a surprise. They have both official and unofficial Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Facebook pages. There is an official Giphy account with thousands of captivating moving images. They even revealed this image of a newly created star entitled ‘The Force Awakens’ just in time for the release of the new Star Wars reboot movies.

With NASA’s web cred going strong, there has never been a better time to introduce little learners, teens, and even adults to the majesty of space. After all, talking about space ships is one thing, but starring into the heart of a dying star and watching the power unfold as it swallow the small part of universe around it is another thing entirely.

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