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A Portrait of Dorian Gray – How to Prepare for a Hurricane

A Portrait of Dorian Gray – How to Prepare for a Hurricane

With hurricane Dorian knocking on all of our doorstep’s, it’s important to take the time out and make sure that you have all the necessary supplies. Even if you think you are ready for the storm, check that your supplies are still good (look for bent lids, old batteries, or expired medications), that everyone knows where they are, and that you have enough for everyone.

Our 10 years of blissful tropical silence has been shattered in the last few hurricane seasons. But for many Floridians, prepping for a hurricane can still feel like using a muscle left to atrophy. And for newcomers, this can be a frightening and overwhelming experience. Just fighting through the lines to get a case of water can be harrowing enough!

You can find supply lists on every major website and even handed out for free in front of most hardware stores. This list provided by ace hardware is a good general all-rounder for both pre and post-storm supplies, not including food (3-5 days canned, no-cook needed).

I would like to add that hurricane supplies generally come into categories. Dealing with the storm, and escaping the storm.

If it comes down to it, don’t forget also have a travel bag packed. Ideally, it should have no more than one days change of clothes, important documents (such as deeds, insurance policies, identification, passport, medical information), Cell phone, chargers, back up batteries for the cell phone, at least a weeks supply of any necessary medications, sanitary products, and supplies for pets or small children if you have them. Pack light, but pack what you need. The bag should not be any heavier than you are willing to carry on your back for at least 6 to 8 hours and should be ready at least two days before the storm hits. If it comes down to getting out of a bad situation, you don’t want to have to go scrounging around your house at the last second looking for grandma’s prescription form at the very last second. Don’t try to evacuate when the storm has already made landfall. Roads will clog up, hotels will fill to capacity. The last place you want to be in the middle of a storm is trapped in your car on the Sawgrass Expressway.

You can follow storm tracks at the National Weather Service, or check up-to-date news from most local media outlets. The latest track by the Sun-Sentinel is available this morning and predicting landfall Labor Day weekend (Sunday/Monday). The time to batten down the hatches is now. Not when the full power of the storm is on your doorstep.

Be careful. Be sensible. Be Safe.

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