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If you did not just read that last line in melody go back and do it properly!

The dawning of October means the true arrival of fall and, more importantly, the beginning of my month-long celebration of All Hallows Eve.

In case you can’t tell, I am a MASSIVE Halloween Fan. It is hands down, my favorite time of the year. As far as I am concerned all other holidays can be pushed to a far corner of the calendar and we have 300+ days of spooktacular goodness!

In Honor of this, for the entire month of October, we will be doing a special Halloween Edition article every Friday for the month of October!

Over the Next Five Weeks;

  • The 3 Key Elements to an Amazing Halloween
  • 5 Things to do with Pumpkin Other than Putting it in Your Coffee
  • Costume Do’s and Don’ts Survival Guide
  • All Hallows History & Traditions We Need To Revive
  • Ultimate Family Halloween Movies List
  • The Candy Haul – Ranked

So Tune in Next Time for…

SURPRISE! We’re Starting NOW –

3 Essentials for an Awesome Halloween

Step 1: Don’t Skip the Decorations!

A low budget does not mean you need to miss out on the festivities.

Bury twinkling Christmas lights inside a hedge or at the base of your garden for an upside-down ‘eerie’ glow. ‘Bloody’ sheets make an easy door hang or wall decoration and you probably have an older pair of sheets you are not that fond of anyway. ‘Ghost parties’ are easy to create underneath trees, just some string, oddly patterned sheets or blankets, some big bowls or balls (basketball or larger) and a sharpie and you’ve got a spooktacular tea party on your hands!

You don’t have to break the bank on plastic pumpkins – ten bucks can get you everything you need. Check out your local second-hand shop or goodwill, you won’t believe the kind of stuff they get in. And the Dollar Store is an absolute lifesaver for creepy staples like signs, plastic skulls, and cobwebs.

If you want to DIY your decorations, then check out THIS LIST by for fun craft ideas. Don’t worry that it says ‘for adults’. I’ve picked this list, despite the excessive use of rose gold on pumpkins, because all of the ideas are relatively simple, you probably have most of the necessary items and, most importantly, absolutely NONE of them involve glitter glue, Popsicle sticks or googly eyes (really, the kids are going to be doing enough of those at school).

Step 2: Have an All Hallows Eve Plan

Whether it’s a party, a bar crawl, trick or treating, or all of the above, start putting your plans together now. Have a few options for the ‘night of’ on the back burner in case the weather turns south, but… why wait until the 31st?

There will be events for the kiddos at almost every park, amphitheater, community center, and playground imaginable all month long. A lot of local groups will do ‘Fall Festivals’ instead of Halloween, especially if they are associated with a church.

It’s all good – as long as they have cotton candy!

I’m especially fond of the events at the Palm Beach Zoo around this time of year, and Sugar Sand Park in Boca also has some fun stuff going on.

But for the Adults, make sure to check out THIS LIST by the Sun-Sentinel for a fun night out. Events start early too, so don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight on All Hallows Eve, or your Pumpkin will be cooked!

Step 3: Don’t Forget to Have Fun

Whether you’re into the gore, looking for candy, or just want an excuse to bust out that costume, got for it! All Hallows Eve, at it’s core, is a celebration of LIFE, not death. It is the moment at which our world, and all that is in it, presses so closely against the after world that spirits and ghouls are free to walk among us again, to taste the air and smell the night and LIVE. So go out, join a few goblins for glass of witches brew and LIVE with all that is wonderful in this world – if just for a night.

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